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April 4th Announcements

Posted by Harmony United Church on April 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM

Harmony United Church

Telephone: 345-5065

email: [email protected]

web site:

Easter Sunday Announcements

April 4th, 2021


Serving & Helping…

If you aware of anyone who is in hospital or requires a pastoral telephone call, please notify the Church Office.

Do you have a suggestion for any of our church committees? If so, please put it in our locked mailbox. The Committee Chair will be notified of your suggestion.

Harmony’s Facebook Page site administrators are Gary Pederson and Teri Lynch. Please share any ideas and words that may bring comfort or joy to members of our congregation, and pictures of what you are doing to keep busy during this challenging time. Teri and Gary can be contacted at [email protected] & [email protected]

Monthly GO Team Collection: 3rd Sunday of the Month. (April’s collection will benefit the “P.R.O. Kids Thunder Bay ”.)

Donations of Canadian Tire Money are gratefully appreciated to help offset our operating costs!

Lillian Gillson would welcome calls. She can be reached at 768-0589, or via the Glacier Ridge desk: 343-0242.

Events Happening at Harmony United…

FINALLY!!!!! You may now make out your cheques to Harmony United Church. Many thanks to those who have been dropping off giving envelopes and donations in the church’s locked mailbox!

Wednesday’s Coffee Drop In and “Home Group” are cancelled until further notice.


How to Worship from Home…

Streamed services from Trinity United Church:

Click on “TRINITY LIVE” to connect to live streaming shortly before, or during a service.

To watch a service at a later time, click on the small circle labelled “PREVIOUS BROADCASTS”. They will appear, with the most recent to the left.

You can also view the streamed services on Trinity’s Facebook page.

Worship Service Outline: For those of you who would like a copy of the service emailed out to you, before or after presentation, please contact me by email and I will send whatever is available each week. This may not always include the sermon. I'll send whatever I can. [email protected]


 Rev. Rob Smith is leading Virtual Lectionary Bible Study on Mondays at 1:00 p.m. through ZOOM. The participants explore the scriptures for the coming Sunday.   I hope you will join us.  We are averaging about 6 people.  We can always find another place at the table for you.  Here is the ZOOM invitation for the study:

Time: Mondays, @ 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (US and Canada) ongoing throughout 2021.

Meeting ID: 846 7957 7617

Passcode: 314924   



Sign In Clipboards

During our response to COVID-19, please ensure that you sign one of the three clipboards … in the foyer near Crittall Hall, on the table in Cameron Hall, and in the entrance to the Sanctuary. Please note your name, the date, time in, time out, and your telephone number.


Local United Church Activities:

St. Paul’s and Harmony – “Music, Meditation and Muffins” a YouTube service that will be ready to view every Wednesday morning. Call St. Paul’s for the link.


April 4th – Easter Sunday – Trinity will coordinate and Rev. Dr. Randy Boyd will offer the meditation

April 11th – Second Sunday of Easter – St. Paul’s will coordinate and Cyndy and Diana will offer the meditation

April 18th – Third Sunday of Easter – Harmony will coordinate and Christina Stricker will offer the meditation

April 25th – Fourth Sunday of Easter – First-Wesley will coordinate; Rev. Louise Hart will coordinate

May 2nd – Fifth Sunday of Easter – Pinegrove will coordinate and Rev. Rob Smith will offer the meditation

   Church Office Hours

Patricia will attempt to come into the office as required until further notice.

If an emergency arises, please feel free to call her at home:


You can also leave her a message, or send an email to:

 [email protected]

 A huge thank you to the individuals who shared in delivering the Easter Newsletter that was prepared by Ruth Kamo:


Betty Whittingham

Linda Hammond

Christina Stricker

Lynda’s Story … from “Your Generosity Matters”


Everyone belongs; that belief anchors our United Church. It’s why your Mission & Service gifts support gatherings of people who are left on the margins of society and support education events that help us learn what we can do about it. Disability is one aspect of social justice the United Church is working on.


Did you know that one in five Canadians live with at least one disability? That’s 6.2 million people. Of these, 1.2 million can’t afford aids, devices, or prescription medications. People living with severe disabilities have half the income of those with none. Seniors are almost twice as likely to have a disability as people who are of working age.

Disability is an issue that affects us all. That’s why the United Church partners with people from other denominations to raise awareness. People like Anglican disability activist Lynda Katsuno, who is widely considered a pioneer in the field. Lynda has lived with disability since she was in a car accident in 1973. At the time, she was a primary school teacher and loved her job working with children. “I became a disability activist when I realized it takes political will to change society for the better.” —Lynda


After the accident, she wasn’t sure if she would be able to return to what she loved because the school wasn’t accessible. Lynda credits a committed principal and board of education superintendent for making the changes that would enable her to return to her job. “I became a disability activist when I realized it takes political will to change society for the better. Our community is made stronger when we include people with disabilities.

If people with disabilities were fully welcome, the world would be a richer place. It would be a place where there is hope and no fear,” she says. Ideals of mutuality, inclusivity, and justice drive Lynda’s passion to make the world a better place for all.


“I don’t want to be seen as a poor, pathetic person. I want to be seen as a child of God,” she says.


Your generosity supports events and education that help create healthy, strong, welcoming communities inside and outside the church. Communities where no one is left out. Where we are all valued as children of God. Let’s build a world where everyone belongs.




Romans 12:4–6a


For as in one body we have many members, and not all the members have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually we are members one of another. We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us….




How do the ways we think and believe affect what we do? Who do we welcome, and who do we find challenging to welcome? What role does fear play in judgment and exclusion?




At a Gathering


For everyone present today, we give you thanks, gracious God. For the scope of talent and ability here, we are grateful. We are blessed to have this community. As we gather, make us mindful of those outside these walls. Draw our awareness to those who confront barriers of all kinds. Encourage us to find ways to remove obstacles to the grace and belonging we witness in Jesus. We’re here to make a difference, to make your mission our life’s work. May it be so. Amen.


For Personal Devotion


Remove my fear of vulnerability, O Great One. Slow down my judgment. Erase my urge to label and limit. Embed Your Spirit into the heart of my fear so that uniqueness excites me, so that diversity enthralls me, so that welcome guides me. Let me be changed. Strengthened. Blessed to be a blessing. Amen.


“I want to be seen as someone who can give back. Many people think of the issue of disabilities as people who suffer. It’s social exclusion of people that leads to injustice.” — Lynda







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